Ways To Improve Your Fuel Mileage And Drive Efficiently

As fuel prices continue to increase it has become important to maintain your vehicle’s mileage. The best practice is to stretch the tank as long as you can, reducing the number of times you fill it per month and sticking to your budget. It is always possible to go further on a gas tank no matter which vehicle you are driving, be it a brand-new crossover or reliable ride. People driving a model powered by the latest high-compression turbocharged engine have a greater potential to save money. There are plenty of ways vehicle owners can extend the utility of fuel and improve mileage.

Avoid Speeding and Adopting Coasting Technique

Cars tend to burn fuel less efficiently at high speeds. Driving at a slow speed will have an immediate effect on your mileage, ensuring top efficiency. The more you press on the pedal, the more effort it will require engine to push the car. Anything above 60 miles per hour can result in more fuel consumption.

The same formula applies to sudden brakes and abrupt stopping of the car. Drivers are recommended to practice Coasting technique that requires easing on the gas pedal slowly instead of applying sudden brakes. Let the car roll smoothly and reduce speed on its own.

Check the Tyre’s Pressure  

Under inflated tyres can lead to more fuel consumption. Regular car tune-ups and tyres’ maintenance is very important if you are looking for smooth performance, better mileage, and overall efficiency of your vehicle. Follow your manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure and if you are not sure about the exact percentage, then it is best to book an appointment with the nearest service center. Cooper Tire experts encourage drivers to inflate tires to the correct pressure for a reduced rolling resistance. If your car is using a lot of fuel then it is best to get the tread pattern checked. Top brands like Cooper use latest technology in tread design to achieve reduced fuel consumption, enhanced grip, and decreased wear.

Choose the Right Motor Oil

And the best practice here is to adhere to the recommended fuel type by the car’s manufacturer. If the car manual says use not so high octane, then make sure to follow that guideline. Also take your vehicle for oil change and you are likely to get an expert opinion.

Reduce Extra Weight

The more weight you put on your car, the more pressure there is on the engine to push. Engine then doubles up on normal operating performance and it easily translates to poor fuel mileage. Lighten up the load on your vehicle to get an extra mile or two per gallon.

Check the Gas Cap

The fuel/gas cap has a rubber seal that forms an airtight protection and does not allow air into the tank. With time the rubber seal can degrade or lose its effect, hence increasing the amount of air that enters the tank. Increased air in the fuel means more consumption. While many latest vehicles have sensors now, if your car does not have one then make sure to check that seal.

To ensure top performance by your car, take it in for regular checkup and maintenance overhauling. There are many reliable local centers like the Dubai Tyre Shop that provide premium services to car owners. An extensive cheap tires UAE selection is available online and every purchase comes with free services like installation, tire rotation, and alignment. Did you know that wheel alignment is also one of the reasons for poor fuel consumption? So, at your next tune-up, make sure to get the alignment checked as well.

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