Why is it important to have two-wheeler insurance?

It is a known fact by everyone that two-wheelers are vulnerable more to road accidents than any other vehicles. To ensure the protection of your vehicle against other dangers and accidents, it is utmost important to have a comprehensive policy of two-wheeler insurance. In most of the country, it is legally mandatory to have insurance for their vehicle. So a person must buy an insurance policy for his own safety and protect their vehicle. Insurance also provides you with security against damages that occurred due to the range of man-made calamities and natural disasters. And also against unexpected situation like personal accident, theft, the liability of third parties and a lot more. Investing in an encompassing policy of two-wheeler insurance is highly recommended. Vehicles from 110 cc scooty to hybrid bikes, every vehicle must have an insurance policy.

The decision of buying insurance

Make sure to buy the right insurance plan which suits your requirement perfectly. This is an important decision to refer because any blunder can lead to any complication in the future. So be careful to buy what you really need, it is always wise to have some crucial points in mind before determining the important aspects. Refer and research any third party websites of financial details to compare and study the various available in the market. From that choose the best which fits your budget and needs evenly.

Consider the type of your vehicle

This is the foremost point that has to be considered before choosing a plan for your insurance policy. Buy an insurance policy which accompanies type, model and make of your two-wheeler. The specification of each two-wheeler differs from one another so try to choose your plan which will cover your bike’s features from every possible threat. Make sure to confirm this point before you actually get approval from the insurance company. Most of the companies might offer special packages and discounts for a certain model of two-wheeler type so it may influence the amount of premium charge.

Personal accident cover

This plan is the most important cover that every owner of a bike must consider. Certain amount for cover-up will be offered by the bike insurance company. When driving against loss or damage while travelling, dismounting or mounting from the vehicle, then the individual owner of the bike will be covered. You can also get cover-ups for the co-passengers by additional premium.

Third-party facility

This is categorized as mandatory and crucial cover by most of the government. Bikes like hero splendor plus new model 2019 include the insurance coverage process by the time of purchase itself. This coverage is offered against legal liability that occurs in the event of an accident which results in the permanent injury or death of the third party. This plan will also benefit the adjacent property.

Factors that affect the premium for your two-wheeler insurance

The age of the vehicle, the capacity of the engine, IDV, types of model and geographical mode.

The above –mentioned details are about the importance of insurance for your vehicle and you make use of it to have a planned safe ride.

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