What is the role of Driving Center In Dubai

Dubai is a safe place to drive a car. So, people from all over the world come here for their vacations. And one of the most sought-after tourist destinations around the world is Dubai. Dubai has everything that one needs to make the best of his or her holidays. Here, one can find a hotel or guest house, swimming pool, beachfront, or a driving center.

The laws of traffic in Dubai are quite strict and one must abide by them to get a driving license. If you are a tourist who wants to drive a car in Dubai, you need to have a Driving License from the Dubai Police Department. You need to follow certain norms for getting a Driving License in Dubai. For example, you need to take a test before getting your bike license in dubai and you need to show your identity to the traffic officials.

Even after getting a driving license in Dubai, if you want to drive your car on the roads, you need to have a car registration from the Dubai Police Department as well.

The driving test is usually conducted by UAE Passport Office.

This center also issues Driving Licenses. On your driving course, you will have to pass a driving test which is normally given in the parking lot of the school. A driving test will help you to clear all the questions in your test regarding your Driving Licence. After getting your license, you can start driving your car.

However, if you wish to rent a car in Dubai, you need to get a Driving License from the Driving Center. It is not compulsory to drive a rented car in Dubai. But it is preferred. You can rent a car for short durations. So, you should go to a driving center in dubai, ring up and rent your car.

There are many car rental agencies in Dubai; however, if you want to rent a car for your personal use, you need to apply for your license first. Then you need to get your license number and the payment for this service, and that would be done through your bank. The license number is available on the internet. You can find it easily; search “driving license” in your favorite search engine and you will get the list of companies that issue the license.

One more thing about driving in Dubai is that you need to obtain an International Driver’s License before you can drive the streets of Dubai. You need to show this license to the traffic police before you can enter the roads. Otherwise, they may not allow you to enter the road. Otherwise, you will be fined.

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