Some Of The Things You Need To Know When Switching To An EV Car

From 2030 in the UK, you will not be able to purchase a new diesel or petrol vehicle in the UK as the government tries to push people toward getting electric cars. Electric cars have been around for much longer than many people realise, with the first ones appearing in the 1800s. The technology has not changed much from this time, but one thing that has made EV cars much more useable is the batteries can charge they can hold. When you are thinking about switching to an electric vehicle, there are a few things you will need to know, and these are listed below.

Electric Cars Are Becoming Mainstream

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular on the roads in the UK, with many people getting them before the 2030 deadline. There is an increasing selection of cars available that you can consider buying, and there are options to suit most price points. Some of the most popular manufacturers of electric vehicles include:

  • Kia
  • Volkswagen
  • Nissan
  • Audi
  • Tesla
  • Mini

Working Out Your Mileage

One thing you will need to get used to when you start using an electric vehicle is looking at the distance you will be travelling and ensuring you have enough charge available. The range of EVs will depend on the make and model of the car you have, and for short trips, it is not as much of a problem, but for long-distance trips, you will need to do some planning.

Plan Your Long-Distance Trips Carefully

You will need to get used to planning your long-distance trips with care when you are driving an electric vehicle, and you will need to work out your range and the ideal places to stop for EV charging. You can download apps to help you with this that can show the places you can charge, the type of charging they offer, and how busy they are. These apps can be an essential tool to help you plan long-distance trips and ensure you have plenty of power to get to where you plan to go. However, you will also need to look at the traffic and be careful travelling congested routes which can significantly slow down your journey.

Adjust Your Driving Style To Maximise Range

When driving your electric vehicle, you will need to get used to adjusting your driving style to maximise the range. You will need to drive as smoothly as possible, which includes accelerating slowly when you pull off, and you will need to reduce your overall speed to maximise your range. You will need to try using regenerative braking, which can help charge the vehicle while driving and reduce your overall energy consumption. You can also turn off the air conditioning to help reduce your energy consumption and maximise your range but avoid opening windows, creating more drag on the vehicle. You can get some excellent tips for driving your EV by clicking here that can help you maximise your range and reduce your power consumption so you always have plenty of power left.

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