6 Features of management software that will boost your auto repair business

The possible integration of automotive shop management software into the operations of small and medium-sized auto repair shops creates an avenue that helps them to hold their own in a competitive landscape. This set of businesses can make up for what they lack in capabilities – as it pertains to staff strength – by adopting any of the several auto shop management software already developed. This software is usually incorporated with features thatpromote productivity and efficiency.

Six of such features are now discussed below:

Scheduling appointments

This very feature leverages the calendar that is available on smartphones – and sync to online platforms. Auto repair shops can utilize them as a means through which customers schedule service appointments with them. With this, customers do not always have to go to the shops before making known their automobile’s repair needs. Plus, the reminders synchronized with the calendars are great for ensuring that customers follow up on appointments. Internally, the auto repair shop can also use this feature to set up meetings among employees.

Task order management

The task order management feature works perfectly to aid mechanics – and the front desk employee – in keeping track of the tasks that are at hand. This can be displayed on an interface featured on the software, with customers’ details, service needs, appointment dates highlighted. Also, it shows the name of the mechanic(s) to whom certain tasks have been allotted. Hence, this makes work functions follow a smooth course.

Customer management

Customer management can be highly demanding, especially where you have got a lot of clients to attend to. However, several features are available to address the situation – from the aspect of customer support to providing them with quality services. It’s even more interesting to note that this feature could also help customers to receive live updates on the status of the services being carried out on the vehicle.


There are also other features that are directed at generating accounting details/reports for auto repair businesses. Some of these features may includeQuickBooks and some other useful accounting applications.


The creation of invoices can also be expedited with the invoicing feature on automotive shop management software. You can get to generate and send concrete estimates to your customers with this feature – and watch to see your service charge delivered in no time.

Inventory management

There is yet a feature that can help you monitor your inventory to an appreciable end. As such, you will promptly know the spare parts that are available and those that are going out of stock, and then timely move to make an order. And, the good thing is that all these, including the ordering of spare parts, can be completed through management software feature – built for such functionality.


Using automotive shop management software can ultimately enable SME auto repair shops to get a better share of the market earnings and in just a matter of years, some of them could break into the industry’stop-ranking ladder.

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