3 Tips to getting a high-quality car repair shop

There are several repairs for cars which can range from tasks that are just basic like an auto body repair or brake job to complicated services like having to overhaul a transmission or to diagnose a problem with the electronic system. At the R & D Auto Repair in Montrose, you will be advised on what to do.

If you have the original warranty, then it will be best to go to the dealership as that is where the manufacturer will pay for the fix.  You can as well use the dealership if there is a recall on your car, or there is a service campaign ongoing where the automaker has an offer on correcting the defect your car is experiencing. If you have an extended warranty, then there will be a need for you to check the terms to find out who should perform the repairs.

The other things you need to check out include:

Certification checking

When you get into the repair shop, you should be able to notice certifications that need to be displayed on the window or wall. It is recommended that you pick a shop that displays the technician’s certifications. The certifications are an indication that the employees are well updated on their training and thus, knowledgeable regarding certain aspects of your vehicle. You have to look mostly for the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence certification.

Consult the BBB – Better Business bureau

It is the one that keeps the records on businesses, offering accreditations to the ones which provide excellent services as well as quality work. Before you take the car to the repair shop, you should check if the shop has a reputation on the BBB site. With that, you will see if there is any past customer who has a complaint and the way the issues got sorted out. You will get to learn more about the great service which the company did provide in the past.

Know the warranty you are offered

In case your car is still under warranty, you might require having the repairs being done by the dealer. There are different auto warranties but in most cases, there seems to be a lack of clarity regarding who should service your car and the parts that need to be used to repair it. What that means is that you might not be able to pick a repair shop that is not affiliated with the dealership.

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